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Author: Foster, Meredith

Page Count: 96

Size: 8.42" l x 7.07" w x 0.37"



YouTube sensation Meredith Foster has connected with millions of fans through her messages of self-acceptance, personal empowerment, and body positivity. Now, in this 96-page inspirational workbook, Meredith debuts as an author and shares both her practical life tips and exclusive anecdotes to help guide readers through their own personal journeys.

Through mantras, personal stories, and inspirational quotes, Meredith outlines ways for readers to connect with their mind, body, and spirit. Whether it's conquering the mirror in the dressing room or relaxing with Meredith's favorite cookie recipes, readers will be encouraged to face their fears, and learn messages to help them stay grounded and inspired.

Fostering Your Best Self

SKU: BC20005
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